Getting Married

Congratulations on your decision to get married. It is a very exciting time for, and we are delighted that you have selected our Church as your venue for the 'big day.' However, there are some rules to follow, both set by the Church and the State - they can not be ignored. At this stage, you will have a lot of questions that need to be answered. Below is a list of the most common questions that we come across on a regular basis. Take your time to go through the questions - all the associated documents can be found on the right-hand-side menu.

We are sure all your questions can be answered, however, if you come across anything that we have over-looked, please let us know..

Question 1: How do I book a wedding in St Michael's Enniskillen or St Mary's Lisbellaw?

Question 2: What time of day can we have our wedding? Can there be two weddings on one day?

Question 3: I am currently a resident parishioner of St Michael’s Parish and I’m getting married somewhere other than St Michael's or St Mary's: what do I need to do?

Question 4: I used to be a member of Enniskillen Parish and I have to get some certificates for my marriage paperwork: how do I go about this?

Question 5: We have no connection with Enniskillen Parish: could we avail of one of the parish churches for our wedding? 

Question 6: Can we get married without there being a Mass?

Question 7: I am a Catholic and my partner is from another faith tradition. Will her/his Minister be welcome to join in our marriage service?

Question 8: Can you help me with putting together the content for our Wedding MASS Booklet in Enniskillen?

Question 9: Can you help me with putting together the content for our Wedding SERVICE Booklet in Enniskillen? (We are not having a Mass at our wedding.)

Question 10: What paperwork do we need to do in order to get married?

Question 11: What civil paperwork do we need so as to get married in Enniskillen parish (or elsewhere in Northern Ireland)?

Question 12: Do we need to do a Pre-Marriage Course? (If you are currently resident abroad, please skip to Question 14.)

Question 13: What church paperwork do we need to get married? (If you are currently resident abroad, please skip to the next question.)

Question 14: We are resident abroad (in England or in the US): what marriage paperwork do we need to do for our wedding to take place in St Michael's Parish?

Question 15: I am a currently-resident parishioner from St Michael's Parish and I would like to marry abroad? What do I need to do to have a Church Wedding?

Question 16: What advice do you give to Brides and Grooms about their time to arrive at Church?

Question 17: We are getting married near to Christmas or Easter: what should we do about flowers?

Question 18: What priest will do our wedding?

Question 19: What should we do about a wedding practice?

Question 20: Who should be at the wedding practice?

Question 21: What roles do I need to ask others to take at our wedding celebration in the church?

Question 22: Is there anything in particular that we should say to the person who arranges the flowers in the church for our wedding?

Question 23: We have a favourite song that we would like to use at our wedding. Can we use it at the Church?

Question 24: What is the custom about using coins at a wedding?

Question 25: Who is the proper person to walk the bride into the church?

Question 26: Our musicians have never played in St Michael's Church before: is there anything we should say to them?

Question 27: What directions should we give to our guests on getting to St Michael's Church, Enniskillen, or St Mary's Church, Lisbellaw?

Question 28: Where can we get the traditional Papal Blessing Parchment for our Wedding?