A Child for Baptism

New Arrangements for Booking a Baptism.

Booking: As with other sacraments, parents are asked to complete and sign a BOOKING FORM which can be collected from the Parish Office

(Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 10.30am to 2.30pm)

AND returned with a copy of the child's long form Birth Certificate.

Parents can expect to be given a date that is SIX WEEKS AFTER THE FORM IS COMPLETED AND RETURNED.

Please avoid arranging the family gathering until AFTER the date and time of the baptism is confirmed through the Parish Office.

Baptism Preparation Meeting: When booking, parents will receive a baptism pack which will include a BAPTISM REQUEST CARD.

Parents are invited to bring this Request Card to a Baptism Preparation Meeting, as advised by the Parish Office.

Attending a Baptism: At this time, we ask family groups to limit themselves to MAXIMUM OF SIXTEEN PEOPLE attending.

Please wear facemasks in the Church.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the ceremony, where you will be met and seated at the back of the Church.