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Following the successful launch of the new webcam service, the St Michael's Church was selected as the first Catholic Church in N.Ireland to be visited by the Queen.

Paul Flynn

Bishop Duffy to confer Ministry of Acolyte on Paul Flynn at 10.30am Mass on Sunday 12 September: Paul is now reaching the final formal stage of his preparation for his Ordination as a Deacon in the Diocese of Clogher. The formal focus of the ministry of Acolyte is on service at the Altar, assisting the Presider (Bishop, Priest or Deacon). A level of understanding, reverence and devotion is expected of candidates for this ministry. Like all ministry at liturgy, it also signifies ministry and service outside of the formal church setting, helping in the life of the parish with a willingness and love for both Christ and his Church, the People of God. God willing, Paul will be ordained a Deacon on Wednesday, 2nd February next by Bishop Duffy in St Michael’s Church.



Blessing of the Graves 5th September 2021 

Due to the Pandemic, we are unable to mark this special day in the usual way. Consequently, we will publish an audiovisual presentation (pre-recorded) on our Parish Website & Facebook page on the 5th September, which will show the clergy blessing the graves in our cemeteries as well parishioners reciting the Rosary & other special prayers. Each family is encouraged to make a private arrangement in the days before Sunday 5th September to have a member of the household go to the grave, recite a prayer (available from our website & Facebook page) and then sprinkle Blessed Water as a reminder of the promise of eternal life made at Baptism.






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Donating By Standing Order To St Michael’s Parish

In this time especially, parishioners and friends of St Michael’s Parish are asked to consider setting up a Standing Order with their bank by means of the Standing Order form (click here to download). This is really important to the parish in order to help us to continue to pay our way. If you are in a position to do this, please consider doing so. If you need help or advice with completing this Standing Order form, please contact the Parish Office during opening hours and ask for Jackie. 

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